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Call for Nominations to the CAREB-ACCER Board of Directors

The CAREB-ACCER board is looking to fill several positions for the upcoming year.

The Nominating Committee is looking for individuals with previous experience on CAREB-ACCER activities and committees, web development skills, and book-keeping experience. Bilingualism and the geographical location of candidates will be taken into consideration.

Board members are required to attend the annual conference and board retreats, participate in meetings (in-person and teleconference), lead initiatives, and complete special projects. More information can be found in the CAREB-ACCER bylaws.

Positions available:

Director (3 positions): 1 or 3 year mandate

Treasurer (also a Director): 5 year mandate

  • Professional skills such as financial or accounting experience an asset
  • Main tasks include:
    • manage budget,
    • fee recommendations,
    • collection of fees and other revenue,
    • record keeping of all financial transactions,
    • financial reports to the Board,
    • liaise with Accountant.

Secretary (not a Director): 5 year mandate

  • Main tasks include:
    • secretariat for all Board meetings and AGM including preparation of agenda and minutes,
    • custodian of all CAREB-ACCER records, documents, and other information.

All interested nominees should send to Lori Walker, Chair of the Nominating Committee, at [email protected] their CV and a short statement of interest (250 words or less). Please outline why you want to become a board member and the attributes you can bring to the board.

All nominees must be a member in good standing.  Please submit your nomination by March 8, 2019. Nominees will be contacted and added to the Nomination Slate at the AGM on April 12, 2019.