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President's Award

The President's Award is presented to a current or former CAREB-ACCER member for their outstanding contribution and commitment to enhancing the protection of human research participants and to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes of ethical review of research with humans, thus advancing CAREB-ACCER's objectives.

2007 Francis Rolleston

2008 Susan Hoddinott

2009 Richard Neuman

2010 Judith Abbott

2010 Margo Farren

2010 Susan Hoddinott

2010 Patricia Lindley

2010 Diann Nicholson

2010 Raphael Saginur

2010 Susan Sykes

2011 Laurel Evans

2012 Diane Martz

2013 Sharon Freitag

2014 Janet Manzo

2017 Rachel Zand

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award (DSA) recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to research ethics whether through teaching, research, or service. The DSA was established in 2013 to recognize accomplishments in research ethics beyond CAREB-ACCER's activities.

2013 Susan Zimmerman

2016 Nancy Walton